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Elder Hoops Meditation

by Little Crow Who Talks To Thunderbird
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Aho my Relatives on our incredible journey,

I bless the sacred nine directions!
Let us learn to see without boundaries, it is our own ideologies that can cloud our vision. As we enter into the time of Good Days, let us remember to learn as children do. Often we look to elders for experience to remedy a lot of our situations, without ever taking responsibility to learn the lesson. Once we find all balance points in our life, we must put it in use! Balance is not enough, it is rather a beginning to creating wholeness with ones self. We cannot bring any balance or unity until we learn to Bow like the rainbow, and admit self ignorance (If we knew everything then no lessons would ever be learned).

Our elder soul or child soul (depending where we are in the sacred circle, blue road) has it's place as does our child flesh or elder flesh (depending where we are in the sacred circle, red road), the trick is to learn when to or which one to use (soul knowledge or flesh intelligence). Eventually through practicing your own ways and constant self reflection, growth will emerge and understanding will occur. Stand close in support for your brothers and sisters achievements and short comings. Remember to Wankan Tanka (walk and talk in greatness), without doing so completeness will never be achieved.
"Grand Father Spirit, Ageless Mother, and Knowledgeable Ancestors help us not only see but achieve greatness by first beginning with self!"

-Little Crow Who Talks To Thunderbird
Yellow child (elder yellow soul), Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

White Buffalo Calf Woman Shares:  To be wakan tanka (holy walking and talking) one must always start on the blue road, where the soul bows to receive the sharing with each other. This is done with prayers and blessings, to ensure we are bountiful. However for those who are unwilling to bow (share prayers and blessings with each other), one must repeat the sound or story of another. This is the law of the echo on the blue road, for this validates the voice of another. Once we validate each other, then we can hear the heart of those who are willing to share, positively or negatively. This is the GREAT RECEIVING of the COMPLETENESS of the Sacred Circle. Then we are able to share our own voice, our intelligence on the red road with each other. We start on the Blue road, whether it's elder or child, then move towards the Red road, whether it's elder or child. Knowing when to use heart wisdom and mind intelligence helps us to decipher the universe. Each of us are older and younger than the next person or thing, for this is the Sacred Circle. WE have much knowledge and we who are willing to share our knowledge, receive the greatest treasures.  To choose the correct path to the evolutionary journey towards each other,  Little Crow Who Talks To Thunderbird assists us to use reflection of our actions to grow and understand the universe around us and within our own GREATNESS. Completeness is knowing we need each other as relatives on the Great Circle of Life. We bow and praise.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World

Here is sound, that makes us go round and round, the rainbow sky is here to realize. Open your heart, to flow all parts, for heaven flows into our souls, making us shine like rainbows!

Point to Your Heart, Rainbow Clan!

I Bless Myself, I Bless the World, I Bless You

Nine Sacred Directions, I Bless with Fire, to alleviate mire, the space that needs some grace, when I light up and purify this space! ~ White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Prayer to Heaven and Earth, the Nine Sacred Directions each time we bless water's dark and fire's light, included in the Pipe!

To the East and the West. To the North and the South. To the Up and the Down. To the Sacred All Around. To the Heartbeat (in) and the Breath (out), I gift all my sacredness. I receive my life for thee. Forever in the breeze!

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