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Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow Rolling Hills (Good Days)

Aho my Brothers and Sisters upon this beautiful and unsual journey, 

I send greetings and blessings from the nine sacred directions.

When we learn to walk and talk in truth and understanding, then And Only then will we truly see. We have been fed and blinded by unproductive and inhumane intentions. It is said by the old ones that in order to be better, "Be Better!" We can choose to accept inbalance and tumble and fall, or reach out with individual faith to go further then you ever imagined. NOW is the time for the good old days, celebrate instead of fight...

Our words have stopped being heard and it is once again time for us to stand tall and enter into a new era of self discovery and new enlightenment! Begin to find Your own ways and practice them, for they are Yours. We must learn to believe in what we say; too often we don't practice what we preach. Pull together with like minded people and create community again, there is no need to be alone. We have allowed an ideology of someone elses justice and needless barter (money) to take control of something thats not to be owned; "entitlement to life." Our significance and duty is to CARE for ALL, not just comfort. Dreamers and doers alike need to united and create the times of the yellow rolling hills (good days).

"Grandfather Spirit, Ageless Mother, and Ancestors bring the times of the yellow rolling hills (good days), so we may all gather without fear or boundaries."

-Little Crow Who Talks To Thunderbird
Yellow child (elder yellow soul), Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World

Here is sound, that makes us go round and round, the rainbow sky is here to realize. Open your heart, to flow all parts, for heaven flows into our souls, making us shine like rainbows!

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Aho Relatives, Welcome to Elder Hoops Meditation by Little Crow Who Talks to Thunderbird. A yellow child and dreamer, brings wisdom of the Rainbow Clan to the Hoops of the universe and to you. Welcome into our hearts. And thank you for all your comments. We are pleased to hear from you. Aho and may your spirit Fly.

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