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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Standing in a Bowing Rainbow

Aho My Relatives upon Our Great Journey,

Good days are here for our people and beliefs! This is a critical time for all, but our culture has stood tall forever. This is a time of great financial hardship and we are caught between nations at war. We must learn to relearn and reteach.  This path has bright light at its end. We have lost much time and lost many of our old ways, but it’s the people who make the ways. Our Elders need to stop the fighting and take their places as our teachers and watchers. Our young must WANT to learn and LISTEN to the story in its entirety; otherwise the story is never fully told or understood.

Now we must unite and share our culture with our young or else all will be lost. I stand tall for our people and our ways, respect our ancestors by listening to their lessons.

-Little Crow Who Talks To Thunderbird
yellow child, rainbow warrior of prophecy

Aho Relatives,
Opposition comes because we think heaven is someplace over there, in the sky above us, rather than inside of each thing, flying, swimming, two legs, four legs, eight legs and so much more in the plant, animal and rock kingdom.  An elder is one who walks towards hardships and stands to eliminate sin. This is done through the purification process.  Daily prayers, dance and songs help us to find our inner heaven and to bring it out into the world.  Elders who seek to understand the spiritual nature of the world and return this knowledge to the collective community.  Ancestors are both of the heavenly blue road and the earthly red road.  We must depend on our inner soul knowledge rather than our body knowledge, because our physical ancestors got lost on the red road, lesson after lesson. This is the dawning of joy and enlightenment.  To learn more about daily purification, please visit our blog, birthingofhope.blogspot.com and download "Holy Week Day" to alleviate hardships and bring in great joy into your life. We humbly bow in gratitude for all things, unto Heaven and Earth. May the rainbow colors of the world, help to unite us together!

-White Buffalo Calf Woman
elder crystal child, rainbow warrior of prophecy

Now let us pray...
Deer (journey) Heaven and Earth,
When we stop separation and put our hearts together in unity, when we have loving thoughts and loving actions we have more peace and joy. "Stop to smell the flowers" (each heart).  Let us replace grievances with miracles. Let us lower our shields and gently lift our eyes, to see love shining from our brothers and sisters. Thank you for all miracles in the world, we are pleased to witness. We ask our elders to hold fast to humility patience and kindness. Amen (together)!

-Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
elder lavender child, rainbow warrior of prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World

Here is sound, that makes us go round and round, the rainbow sky is here to realize. Open your heart, to flow all parts, for heaven flows into our souls, making us shine like rainbows!

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Aho Relatives, Welcome to Elder Hoops Meditation by Little Crow Who Talks to Thunderbird. A yellow child and dreamer, brings wisdom of the Rainbow Clan to the Hoops of the universe and to you. Welcome into our hearts. And thank you for all your comments. We are pleased to hear from you. Aho and may your spirit Fly.

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